Gufex s.r.o. produces hockey related equipment and parts.

Hockey stick butt-end

– Hockey stick butt-end ....

Mini puck key-chains

– Keychain attached to mini pucks. This is necessary equipment to complement every hockey fan. Can be printed according to customer's requirements.

Rubber goal net support

– Elastic rubber, supports the hockey goal net to the ice which enables a quick break away of the goal net. This product is produce by Gufex s.r.o. And is certificated by the Czech ice hockey federation and also complies with the rules and standards of the International ice Hockey Federation.

Rubber floor

- ... This advanced formula of high-resistant rubber is dependable and long-lasting. Made in (500x500x10 mm) squares. 
This flooring is ideal for stadium hallways, seating areas and dressing rooms in all ice hockey stadiums. Comes in two styles – with lock system or without lock system.

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