Our Official game pucks are produced from the highest quality rubber compounds which took several years to perfect. This compound consists of unique and closely guarded properties which provide it the lowest degree of abrasion and highest elasticity.

These properties virtually guarantee that our pucks will not smudge barriers and will not brake plexiglass barriers around ice stadiums. It has been thoroughly tested by a highly reputable and respected Finland plexiglass manufacturer. (The tested rate was 180 Km/hour under strictly supervised conditions).

Our pucks currently meet the strict criteria of international norms CAN/CSA-Z262.4-00.

Product offering includes but not limited to the following types of pucks : 

Official game puck

– the highest grade quality accredited by IIHF

Training pucks

– pucks with small defects on the top of the puck (snag, porous) Properties and parameters are the same as the official game pucks.

Children puck

– the weight of puck is 87g and diameter is 62 mm.



– tiny puck for key-chains diameter is 38 mm. Can be sold separately or assembled complete with chainlet.



– large puck with diameter 212mm and high 49 mm.

Trophy Puck

– Size of this puck is the same as the official game puck and includes an indentation area located on top of a metal plaque. The depth of this area is 2 mm and the diameter is 65 mm


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